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Paul Pollock

Paul Pollock

Owner, Training Director

I learned about Sit Means Sit dog training while I was living in Denver, Colorado. I was looking for a dog trainer and was referred to Sit Means Sit by a man I met in a dog park. I was so impressed with the free demonstration they showed me. As amazing as it was, I was unsure that they would be able to get my dog under control. My Australian Cattle dog had a ton of energy and he liked to run! He never came when I called him and would jump on people, grab food off the table and had numerous other bad habits. The trainer did a demonstration with my dog and within a few minutes had my dog totally under control and making eye contact with him. I immediately signed up for the training. Within three weeks of training, I had off leash control of my dog and he listened to me even around distractions. When I saw the results, I knew this company was something special.

Since I graduated from The Sit Means Sit School of remote collar dog training in November of 2007 I have worked with thousands of dogs and have continued educating myself and following my passion to be one the best dog trainers I can be.

Here is a list of some of my training accomplishments:

  • Certified remote collar specialist of the Sit Means Sit School of Remote Collar Training
  • Attended the Sit Means Sit Annual ‘Main Event’ from 2009-2016 where I obtained numerous certifications in advanced training skill
  • Invited Speaker for the 2012-2016 Sit Means Sit Annual Main Event Conference

Completed the following seminars and classes:

  • “Animal Acting” with Ashton Fitz-Gerald
  • “Frisbee Disc” with 2008 & 2010 World Frisbee Dog Champion Lawrence Frederick
  • “Trained retrieve”
  • “Advanced obedience training”
  • ”Building drive in your dog”
  • “Protection training”
  • “Trick training”
  • “Building a dog’s confidence”
  • “Working with Aggressive Dogs”
  • Certified AKC “Canine Good Citizen” Evaluator
  • Certified Bright & Beautiful Therapy Dog Evaluator
  • My dogs have been featured in film, television, magazines, and American Greetings cards.
  • Volunteer at numerous facilities, including assisted living homes and schools, my two Bright & Beautiful Certified Therapy Dogs
  • Trained “Goose Patrol” dog to assist in the constant upkeep and cleanliness of city parks, golf courses, and city center. Dog was trained in full off leash obedience, directional work, and the ability to follow obedience commands in any setting.
  • Work with numerous animal shelters and dog rescues to help with challenging dogs, including fostering and working them through behavioral issues, to increase adoption readiness.

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