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Jim Yuhas

Jim Yuhas

Training Manager

My time with Sit Means Sit began as a client.  I had a pit mix named Samus who was a little wild and destructive.  I needed help with her!  She liked to jump on people, mouth for attention, choked herself when walking (pulling to say hi to every person and dog!), and worst of all was her chewing in my house.  She chewed base boards, window sills, the china cabinet, put a hole in

my dining room wall, and my final straw was when she chewed the desk my dad had given me!   After watching a YouTube video of a trainer doing amazing things in their backyard with their dog, I found Sit Means Sit online and promptly scheduled an appointment to meet with a trainer to do a free consultation.

After seeing what could be done first hand, I knew I had found the people for the job. It was amazing to watch my dog change over the course of the training sessions. Much to my surprise, she even became more affectionate through the course of her training! By the end, the ‘monster’ that I had on my hands had transformed into a well-behaved, attentive, happy member of the family.

I then found out Paul was looking for someone part time and started training in February of 2012, moving to full time that November.  Since then, I have attended numerous training seminars to continually educate myself, to ensure that I’m always providing our clients with the best education that I can for their pups!  I am an AKC Canine Good Citizen evaluator, have done multiple Safety Town classes on dog safety, competed in dock diving, done therapy dog work, and my dog, Chainsaw, has been in a couple of movies.

It’s been so amazing over the years getting to help clients with their furry family members, whether it be clients in a similar situation to what mine was, clients with happy puppies who just want them to listen better, clients having issues with aggression in and outside of the home, or dogs who come from a shelter who need some confidence building.  I never get tired of hearing happy clients sharing their tales of their successes!!

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