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Colleen Duschen

Colleen Duschen

Assistant Training Manager

My journey with Sit Means Sit started as a client. After seeing one of the trainer’s dogs in action, I knew that this was the type of training that I wanted to learn! I signed up for private lessons with my dogs, and when I learned firsthand how quickly and effectively the Sit Means Sit program worked, I was blown away.

I’d had four years previous experience working in a boarding kennel and dog daycare, and was at a time in my life where I was looking for a new path upon which to learn and grow. This path led me to Sit Means Sit when the owner of the Akron-Cleveland facility Paul Pollock called me back after learning I was interested in a position. I knew I wanted to learn how to train dogs, but I wanted to learn from the best. I saw the transformation of my own dogs who have two very different personalities: Buffy, an American Bully, who had typical crazy puppy behavior, and my Siberian Husky whom I previously never believed I could control off leash. Seeing how much the trainers loved all the dogs and how down to earth everyone was, I knew that I had to be a part of the Sit Means Sit family.

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